Wellness Center

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Grissel Memorial Hospital Wellness Center, (hereafter referred to as GMH Wellness Center). In the interest of safety and fairness to each and every
member without discrimination, we have developed a set of policies and procedures. It is extremely important that all members read and understand these rules and conditions to ensure clarity between you,
GMH Wellness Center, and other members. These policies are subject to change at anytime deemed necessary by GMH Wellness Center Committee. You will be advised of any changes that may affect you. Should
any questions arise concerning policies. procedures or any conditions, please feel free to contact the committee.

Article I
Section A - Provisions
The committee will define: (1) the classification of membership, (2) the dues payable for each classification, (3) the policy of expulsion of members, and (4) all other issues concerning the membership.
Anyone of legal age and good character is eligible for membership. Membership will NOT be denied on the basis of race, color, religion, physical ability, or national origin, nor shall any aspect of such be a
condition of membership.

Section B - Classification
Family -
A membership in which the husband, wife and dependent children (no younger then age 14) will be using the club.

Individual -
A membership in which any person, single or married, 18 years or older, will be using the club. If an individual's spouse does not use the club, a married person may join as an individual.

Senior -
A membership in which the person is age 60 or older.

Other -
A membership that is to be defined by the committee on an individual basis.

Section C - Guest Privileges
Members are allowed to bring guests to the Wellness Center provided that special arrangements are made in advance with the Wellness Center Coordinator. The coordinator is the Director of the Physical
Therapy department. All rules apply to guests as they do members. Guest passes are available for $5.00 per visit.

Section D - Services
Any person(s) who are permitted to provide a service for the Wellness Center (i,e, exercise class, fitness trainer, etc.) or any of its members, must comply with the following:
1) Approval of such service by the Committee
2) Have a written agreement with GMH Wellness Center, at its discretion.

Section E - Committee Changes
The Committee reserves the right to change membership categories, rules and fees. Should changes occur, members will be notified.

Section F - Changes in Membership Classification
You may upgrade your membership classifications (e.g. from Individual to Family) by paying the difference between the current membership fee and the original. If you change to a lower membership fee (e.g.
from Family to Individual), you will not receive a refund.

Section G - Assignment
Membership privileges are issued on an individual basis and are transferable ONLY with Committee approval.

Article II
Billing and Fees

Section A - Membership Fees
Fees are as follows:      
Monthly     Annual       One Time
Activation Fee                                             
Card Fee                                            
  $3 per card
 $15          $165               
 $25           $275               
$10           $110                                   

Payment of fees in the form of a check can be delivered or mailed to the Business Office at Grissel Memorial Hospital, located at the west entrance of the Hospital. Hours of the Business Office are 8 am to 4 pm
Monday through Friday. Payments may also be placed in mailbox at the door of the wellness center. When mailing in your fee, please note payment is for Wellness Center Membership and the name(s) of
member(s). Should a member be unable to use the facility due to personal injury, illness or relocation of residence outside the GMH Wellness Center service area, fees paid in advance for the remaining months of
the membership will be refunded.

A keyless entry system will be used and if we do not receive your payment by the 10th of each month your card will be de-activated and you will be charged a $5 re-activation fee. When you bring in a late
payment we will reprogram your card at the time.

Using the wellness center once in any month constitutes use of the wellness center.

Article III
Termination of Membership

Section A - Cancellation
Members who would like to cancel membership need to contact the Wellness Center before the 10th of the month either by phone or in writing. If you haven't contacted the Wellness Center you will be charged
with a $5 re-activation fee to get your card activated.

Section B - Expulsion
The Committee reserves the right to expel any member for violation of club rules, or for any conduct, which in the opinion of the Committee is prejudicial to the welfare, good order, and character of the
hospital, the center and/or its members. Should any member be expelled, all money from monthly dues are forfeited.

Section C - Freezing of Membership
nder certain conditions (e.g. injury, hospitalization, temporary relocation, etc...) a membership freeze may be granted. All requests for membership freezes are subject to Committee approval. Contact the
Committee with any and all questions.

Article IV
Liability/Waiver of Claims

1.  It is expressly agreed that all use of the GMH Wellness Center's facilities shall be undertaken at member's and guests' sole risk, and the GMH Wellness Center shall not be liable for any injuries or any damages
to any member or guest, or be subject to any claim, demand, injury or damage whatsoever. The member, for himself or herself, and on the behalf of his/her executors, administrators, and assigns, expressly
releases and discharges GMC Wellness Center, its successors, or its assigns, as well as its employees, officers, directors, and agents, for all such claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or cause of action.

2. Although care is taken to prevent such occurrences, it is specifically agreed that GMH Wellness Center shall not be responsible or liable to members or their quests for articles lost or stolen in the club, or loss
or damage to any other property of members or their guests, including their automobiles and contents.

Article V
House Rules and Policies

Section A - General Policies

1. As a member, you and your guests must enter through the south entrance of the hospital into the connecting hallway between the hospital and the Long Term Care. There is a NO PARKING space by this
entrance. Please park at the front or south side of the hospital. All members and guests MUST sign in BEFORE beginning a workout, giving your name(s); whether you are a member or guest; and the time of
checking in and the time checking out.

2. Each member will have a driver's license or a card electronically programmed so they can use the keyless entry system on the south entrance. If you want to have a card from the Wellness Center
programmed there will be a $3 charge for that card.

3. Consuming alcohol or illegal drugs, eating, or using tobacco products will NOT be permitted in any part of the Wellness Center.

4. All members and their guests use the Wellness Center at their own risk. The GMH Wellness Center is UNSUPERVISED and all use of the facilities is AT THE MEMBERS' RISK
5. The Wellness Center is not responsible for valuables or other articles left anywhere on the premises or grounds by members and guests. The Committee suggests you NOT bring valuables into the facility.

6. Before beginning any kind of athletic program, we advise you to have a physical examination. A current Health Questionnaire form must be completed and on file by all members before using the Wellness
Center facilities. A physician's release form may be required prior to participation. Health Questionnaires will be updated January of each year.

7. The Committee reserves the right to establish and change the operating hours of the Center. Currently GMH Wellness Center is available 7 days a week from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm. Members will need to
schedule with the Physical Therapy department if they wish to exercise between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

8. The minimum age of members or guests is 14 years. Youth between 14 and 17 years of age MUST be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. No children under 14 years of age are permitted
inside the facility for safety purposes. GMH Wellness Center will NOT be responsible for children under 14 years.

9. GMH recommends that you exercise with a "buddy." DO NOT EXERCISE ALONE for your own safety and protection. The Wellness Center assumes no responsibility for anyone exercising alone.

10. Refrain from using profanity and any improper conduct that may adversely affect the health and safety of you and other members or guests.

11. There is a CD/Tape player located in the Wellness Center for your enjoyment. You can bring music to play, but please be respectful of other members. If another member is exercising at the same time and
would like the music turned down, please comply.

Section B - Wellness Center Policies

1 Everyone MUST sign in before beginning a workout.

2. All fitness equipment should be used according to instructions as noted on the charts or as per verbal instructions from qualified personnel. Please avoid excessive speeds and abuses to machines.

3. Please wipe off the machines after use with a cleaning towel. GMH will provide cleaning solution.

4. Please bring your own towel(s)

5. On machines that require you to lie down to preform the exercise, please lie on your personal towel.

6. Please identify and report any piece of equipment that is NOT working properly. If no one is available, please place appropriate sign on the equipment to prevent further damage and contact the physical
therapy department.

7. There is a 20-minute time limit on exercise machines if someone is waiting. Until someone arrives to use that piece of equipment you may continue your workout.

8. Shirts and athletic shoes are required. Only non-marking athletic shoes will be allowed on the treadmills. Please make sure your shoe treads are clean to prolong the life of the running surface. No bare-feet,
sock-feet or sandals. Please dress appropriately for your workout - proper clothing is required.