Grisell Memorial Hospital  CAH
District No. 1 Ransom, Kansas 67572

Member of Great Plains Health Alliance

Acute & LTC
12 Bed Hospital and 30 Long Term Care Beds

Emergency Care

Rural Health Clinics
Located in Ransom and Ness City
Operating Hours:
Ransom: Monday- Friday 9 am - 12 pm & 12:30 pm - 5 pm and every
Wednesday 5 pm - 7 pm
Ness: Tuesday and Thursdays 9 am - 12 pm & 1 pm - 5 pm

Interactive Compressed Video Unit
Brings medical consultants and educational programs to Ransom via ITV Lines
saving community patrons travel time and expenses

Outpatient Surgery Department
Visiting surgeon from Hays who will do outpatient surgery in our hospital.

Emergency Room
ITV consultation with heart and lung sound transmission, halogen wall
unit-horoscope and opthalmoscope,
burn supplies, cardiac monitor. Cast
equipment and other standard Emergency Room equipment.

Laboratory Department
24 hour Laboratory and X-ray coverage, cell counter, dimension, ACL for
coagulation, Marquette EKG machine, and other standard lab equipment. A
consulting Pathologist from Hays consults with Lab personnel and gives
in-service to the Medical Staff.
X-Ray Department
G.E. X-Ray machine, Digital Quality X-Ray, Teleradiology

Physical Therapy Department
Hydrotherapy room, exercise mat, ultrasound with or without electric
stimulation, Electric Stimulation with a variety of settings, traction
table, paraffin bath, cold and hydrocolator packs, and other standard

Dietary Department
All meals are made from scratch. Dietitian on staff. Meals-on-wheels
are available, LTC residents families are always welcome to eat with
loved ones. Birthdays are recognized with special meals, choice menues
are provided for hospital patients & LTC residents per day. Special
diets are provided.

Pharmacist Consultant reviews medication orders and checks
medication rooms weekly. RN Director of Pharmacy works under
direction of the Consultant Pharmacist. Buys drugs through
Pharmaceutical Purchasing Program. We can get drugs overnight.

Eagle Med
A plane from Wichita and Hays is available to pick up patients. The
plane flies to Ness City Airport to receive patients to fly wherever
necessary. Patients can be transported to Wichita within 1 1/2 hours.
Helicopter flies into Ransom on the Baseball Diamond.

24 hour ambulance coverage. 800 MHz radio contact system between
hospital and ambulance.

Visiting Specialists
Mobile Mammography Service
Mobile Sonogram Service
Hays Surgical Associates
Mobile MRI
Grisell Memorial Hospital will not discriminate admissions to our facility, or services
offered, based on the client/patient's race, color, religion, sex, national origin,
disability, age, or source of payment.